COVID Check-in Marshals and COVID Marshals

COVID Marshals

All construction sites now require COVID Marshals on-site at all times. The COVID Marshal is an important role that helps to keep workplaces COVIDSafe.COVID Marshals are responsible for monitoring a worksite’s compliance with its COVIDSafe Plan and additional industry-specific obligations. They support workers to follow COVIDSafe principles and look for ways to continually improve a business’s COVIDSafe Plan, including entry screening, physical distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), workplace bubbles, hygiene, cleaning and record-keeping.

For COVID Marshal Guidelines visit:

Industry Restart Guidelines – COVID Marshals | COVIDSafe Settings PDF 2.8 MB | UPDATED: 24 MAY 2021

MC Labour have trained COVID Marshals now available. All of our COVID Marshals have completed infection control awareness training and are also trained in First Aid (Level 2). Our COVID Marshals will:

  • Monitor that accurate record keeping is occurring in accordance with the COVIDSafe Plan
  • Encourage COVIDSafe practices across the workforce
  • Monitor that workers are applying physical distancing measures, that congestion is minimised and that shared areas are being used safely
  • Monitor that (where required) workers are wearing masks that cover the nose and mouth or appropriate PPE and understand how to fit it
  • Monitor that regular cleaning is occurring and being recorded
  • Monitor that workers are applying hygiene measures (as per Infection Control Awareness Training)
  • Monitor that ventilation and airflow is maximised
  • Monitor whether rostered bubbles, if required and/or implemented, are being observed, including that shifts and teams remain separate and that bubble separation is maintained during breaks
  • Monitor the entry screening processes and that car park behaviour is safe
  • Consult with Health and Safety Representatives and the OHS Committee (if it exists) about COVID related issues and measures
  • Notify management and, where appropriate, Health and Safety Representatives as soon as practicable about systemic behaviours or workplace practices that are not compliant with the COVIDSafe Plan and Additional Industry Obligations.

Speak to the Operations team on 1300 12 14  for more information or to book a COVID Marshal.

COVID Check-in Marshals

A COVID Check-in Marshal is an employee responsible for ensuring each person who enters a venue uses the Service Victoria QR code to check in on arrival (or an alternative record keeping method, where relevant). A COVID Check-in Marshal can only request that people entering show them confirmation of a successful check-in and cannot compel anyone to do so.

If a person refuses to show evidence of a successful check in, the COVID Check-in Marshal can ask that person not to enter the venue. If the person does not comply with the request, the COVID Check-in Marshal is not required or encouraged to enforce the refusal of entry.

Venues are encouraged to contact security or the police if support is required.

Speak to the Operations team on 1300 12 14  for more information or to book a COVID Marshal.

For more information regarding COVID Check-on Marshals or COVID Marshals visit: