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We will work with you at every stage of your project to ensure you meet your workforce requirements

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Our Staff Guarantee

MC Labour continues to set the industry standard in sourcing quality, highly trained staff in every industry we serve. When it comes to your labour hire, we never compromise. Every one of our MC Labour employees is recruited through a rigorous, uncompromising process that ensures we provide only the best personnel for your project.

Before anyone wears the MC logo and walks onto your site, they must demonstrate proficiency and 100% compliance with all of your industry standards.

We back up our Staff Guarantee with phone support that operates 24 hours every day throughout the year to ensure that you can get to speak to one of us at any time of the day or night about your project.

Working with you at every stage of your project

We partner with you from start to finish. Find out how we can be a valuable extension to your team.

Project scope and recruitment Project scope and recruitment

We work with you to understand your project needs then we match the best person for the job. We look after all costs involved in advertising and recruiting.

Compliance Compliance

We comply with all industry standards and the specific requirements set down by your industry sector, including relevant standards in Occupational Health and Safety.

Safety Safety

We carry out risk assessments with you, provide our workers appropriate PPE and ensure that our workers are inducted and comply with your safety procedures

Payroll Payroll

We pay all wages, cover the insurance, Public Liability, and are registered with RTW bodies

Supply Supply

Workers are sent to your project, fully briefed and ready to start

Feedback Feedback

We are in constant communication with you to ensure that our workers have met your expectations and adjust our workforce strategy to suit your needs.

We are local

MC Labour’s headquarters are based in Victoria with supporting offices in South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. Our branch staff are local to the area they operate in and understand their community’s unique demands and requirements, providing you with the best people for the job every time.

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We know your project needs

Through our site-experienced operations and sales teams, we can guarantee that every worker we send to you has gone through a rigorous screening and recruitment process, ensuring that they are validated and 100% compliant with your project requirements. Our intimate knowledge of how the industries we support work means we can place the best person for the job every time, even at short notice.

We are passionate about cultivating a workforce that not only has the right skills and experience but possesses a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and is driven to exceed the expectations of our clients.
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We are flexible

We understand that the success of a project relies on the ability to flex and adapt to the natural fluctuations inherent in our industry. We offer a responsive and flexible workforce solution that can support you through the peaks and troughs of your project.

We do this by giving you the ability to on-hire and off-hire labour when needed. MC Labour allows your business to outsource the payroll and compliance aspects associated with employing staff.

This means MC Labour carries the liabilities of employing a workforce, allowing you to focus on your other project goals.

We stand in partnership with our community

We are a business that believes in empowering and improving the lives of our people and the communities we serve. We are passionate about increasing employment opportunities to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, cultivating a local workforce and developing local skills and capabilities.

We are committed to creating a culture that values diversity and inclusiveness, and we seek to constantly align our values with strategic initiatives to stamp out, gender bias, racism, and sexism, across our industry.

We aim to challenge perceptions of labour-hire across all areas of our business by investing and developing motivated and competent people, and through them, the achievement of excellence for our clients and the industries we work within.

We comply with all industry standards and the specific requirements set down by your industry sector including relevant standards in Occupational Health and Safety.