Customer Charter

1. We will NOT compromise on safety
Safety will always be our first priority. We will never do anything that undermines this core commitment to our staff, customers and suppliers.

2. We will provide the right solution every time
We will provide staff that has all the required qualifications, licenses and skills to complete the job at hand as per your brief. Otherwise, we will replace them within 4 hours, no questions asked.

3. We will action any invoice queries within 48 hours
Our invoicing system is designed to ensure that our invoices are accurate, easy to understand and include all the details you need. In the event that an invoice is queried, we will take action within 48 hours.

4. We will protect your personal information
We respect your business and personal information and treat it with the utmost security. We will take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorised access to that information.

5. We will always be there for you
24 Hours a Day,  365 Days  a  year, you  can count on us  to assist you  with your  needs.  Real  help  is just  a phone call away on 1300 10 12 14.

6. We will value your opinion
Without your feedback we cannot grow. Your feedback helps identify weaknesses and reward successes. We will acknowledge and respond to your feedback within five business days.

You can call us on 1300 10 12 14 or write to:  or by post:
MC Labour Services Pty Ltd
Customer Care
PO Box 1061
Carlton VIC 3053

7. We will support environmental and community initiatives
MC is committed to improving the world in which we all live. This includes minimising our environmental impact, supporting local community groups, and actively supporting social programs such as providing employment opportunities for indigenous Australians.

8. You will always speak to a real person
People are our business and at MC Labour we believe in the personal touch, that’s why you’ll never have to speak to a machine when you deal with us.

This is our Promise to you.