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MC Traffic's dedicated team will work closely with all relevant authorities to ensure the most effective traffic and pedestrian flow for your project.

MC Traffic Worker directing traffic

Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS)

MC Traffic will liaise with our clients to provide quality Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) that comply with the Australian Standards and Road Management Act. Our Traffic Planners ensure that our Traffic Guidance Schemes are well-informed, detailed and ready to roll out. We will provide a visual guide showing critical site information too easily present where or how many traffic controllers or signs are required on your project.

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Plans and Permits

Working near roads requires effective planning, execution, and traffic control to guarantee the safety of all road users, pedestrians, and workers. We’ll work with you to develop a management plan, and organise all necessary permits, signage, and equipment and will work with all Coordinating Road Authorities (CRA) state government authorities, local councils, construction project managers, OH&S managers, police, and other private entities and keep you informed from start to finish to ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.