History-makers, Game-changers – We are all behind you!

The inaugural Carlton AFL Women’s team graced the ground on Friday 3rd February at Ikon Park in full force through a banner with words. “HISTORY MAKERS, GAME CHANGERS, WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU, GO BLUES!. Approximately 85 MC Labour staff and friends were certainly “behind” the Carlton team that night. The MC Labour crew stood out in the crowd, in a sea of MC Labour hi-vis vests and hard hats in support of the navy blues!

MC Labour provides specialised labour hire to the construction industry, as well as traffic management solutions and security services.  Marc Lunedei, Founder and Director of MC Labour and lifetime blue-bagger jumped on the opportunity to support the women in the team he loves. MC Labour has had a long association with the Carlton Football Club as a ball and stadium sponsor in 2013. It was only fitting that MC Labour get behind the inaugural women’s team.

“History-making events like these can open up so many opportunities for women, strong and tough role models like these will empower young girls to strive for their goals, not only in sport but in life in general” – Cath Lunedei, Director, MC Labour.

“It was a great game, my niece (6 years old) was glued to the game all night in awe of how fast the girls ran and how high they kicked, finally..good role models for her to aspire to.” Aimee Constantino, Marketing Coordinator, MC Labour

“What a great atmosphere, I really felt like MC Labour came together in genuine support of women in sport. I am very proud to be in a company who can get behind the women in a male dominated industry like ours. Go blues!” – Jessica Jimeno, Administration Support, MC Labour

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