MC Labour and AFLW go hand in hand

MC Labour and AFLW go hand in hand

MC Labour Services has always felt its partnership with the Carlton Football Club was fitting. Aligned with core company values of social and ethical responsibility. This partnership was only strengthened when the Carlton AFL Women’s team was introduced. MC Labour could not be prouder to be part of this ground-breaking league from the very beginning. Which is why MC Labour will continue to be co-major partner of the Carlton AFL women’s club. Excited to be signing on for another 2 years, extending the partnership until the end of 2020.


“Committed to creating opportunity and backing women in construction, a predominantly male dominated industry, we are excited to continue to support the AFLW growth“ MC Labour Services Managing Director, Marc Lunedei said


Sport has always been considered the universal language. Inclusive no matter origin, beliefs and status. The perfect stage to ensure expansion for gender inclusion.


The AFLW is taking on gender equality and empowering women of all ages through the influence of sport. At the end of the second season it is clear the impact the AFLW is having will only increase with time. Providing a stable platform for growth and development within clubs, communities and individuals.


Instilling a can-do attitude in the next generation as the AFLW provides role models of great achievement. MC Labour is thrilled about the future and the endless possibilities. Believing their success is their people is the precise reason MC Labour treasures this partnership so much. The aligned values of respect, empowerment and inclusion, helping people accomplish more.


As an extension of this partnership. MC Labour will also be rising into the Carlton Football Clubs community programs as the major partner of Carlton Respects. So, watch this space to find out what this will involve and the amazing work of the Carlton Respects programs.


Our Success is our People. MC LabourMC SecurityMC Traffic Management.

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