MC Labour celebrating 25 years!

This month MC Labour is proud to be celebrating our 25th Birthday!

Established in 1995 by our founders Marc and Cath Lunedei, the years have seen MC Labour grow from only a handful of workers in our database and minimal resources to now being a business that boasts a database of over 30,000 skilled workers, and 50+ office staff.

We have seen a lot of growth and change these past 25 years. MC Labour has expanded to create several additional tailored solutions in our traffic management team MC Traffic, our security service MC Security, and our edge protection business Rapid Height Safety. MC Labour has also spread to new locations across Australia; in South Australia, and Tasmania.

Our mission is to continuously set the highest standards. Through the offer of exceptional and superior value service in the industry sectors serviced, MC Labour believes our success is our people. We would not be able to celebrate this milestone if it was not for our workers, partners, and people. We are grateful for their trust, support, and dedication as it has all helped make MC Labour who we are today.

The next couple of years are going to be very exciting times of growth as MC Labour Service builds an even more refined level of business. Industry changes and growth, as well as nation-wide issues such as the current pandemic, require companies to adapt to stay on top of the game. At MC Labour, we are using this opportunity to expand our team, increase our support services, and fine-tune our systems. Using the valuable knowledge we have gained these past 25 years, as well as introducing new technologies, we are ready to move and grow with the times, ensuring our workers and clients are always looked after with the best of care.

At MC Labour, our success is our people. Thank you #mclabourfamily!

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