Building industry leaders connect and engage about promoting workers’ physical and mental well-being

We had the pleasure of sponsoring the Worksafe Breakfast hosted by Incolink on the 11th of May. It was an excellent opportunity for building industry leaders to connect and promote workers’ physical and mental well-being.

There were some invaluable discussions on:

  • How the Victorian building and construction industry can recover from COVID and remain COVID safe;
  • Increasing prominence placed upon mental health promotion within OH&S frameworks;
  • The importance of initiatives such as Incolink’s Blue Hats program

Thank you to Colin Radford and the work that WorkSafe do in conjunction with our industry to promote safety for everyone’s benefit.

What is Incolink’s Bluehats Suicide Prevention Programs?

Those working in the construction industry are over 50% more likely to take their own lives. Male construction workers aged 15-24 are more than twice as likely to take their own lives, compared with the general population. Suicide in our industry is a major issue which requires an industry-lead solution.

First launched in October 2018, Bluehats was designed by industry, for industry as a peer-to-peer support network providing education, training and support to workers on a site-by-site basis.

In 2021, we announced a refreshed Bluehats training model with the ability to deliver both on site and digitally.

As part of our refreshed Bluehats Program, we are also excited to announce critical new program partners, Worksafe Victoria and Cbus Super. The support of these partners ensures the Bluehats program has all the resources required to deliver a better program than ever before.

Blue Hats Program

Bluehats is delivered on a site-by-site basis.

STEP 1: General Awareness Session

A one-hour mental health and suicide prevention General Awareness Session given to all workers. This can now be delivered on site or remotely.

STEP 2: Bluehats Training

Workers nominate to become a Bluehat for their site. Bluehats Training is delivered in 3 parts:

  • 15-30mins 1 on 1 induction session with Incolink counsellor.
  • 1 hr self-directed study of START program by LivingWorks.
  • 4hr Bluehats training session.

STEP 3: Bluehats Onsite

Bluehats are on site ready. Incolink facilitates the peer-to-peer network for Bluehats as part of their ongoing development and support.

Bring Bluehats to your site

To find out more and bring Bluehats visit:, use our online form or email

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