Our Temporary Recruitment Process


We are living in unusual times, and due to the current pandemic, we have had to review our usual recruitment process. This new revised process has been put in place to protect the health of both the candidate and the health of our office staff. The process has been altered to prevent all face to face contact between candidates and our office staff.


The new recruitment process works as follows:

  1. Candidate calls reception where they will be directed to the registration page on our website to commence their registration (https://www.mclabour.com.au/register/)
  2. Our operations team will review all new candidates
  3. Once reviewed, reception will contact candidates and confirm what devices they have access to (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, PC) and what platform the interview will be conducted on (this may be on FaceTIme, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom depending on what device the candidate has access to)
  4. Reception will then send an email to the candidate with all registration paperwork in a digital format and will issue an induction request through MCReady or MCSafe
  5. Operations will check the tickets that have been sent through and will confirm the induction and medical checklist has been completed correctly
  6. When completed, a date and time for the interview will be booked with the candidate
  7. Operations will conduct an interview with candidate via an electronic platform


If you have any questions about our recruitment process, give our national 24/7 operations line a call on 1300 10 12 14.

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