What MC stands for

­MC Labour Services was founded by Marc and Cath Lunedei in 1995 where they operated in a humble office in Epping no bigger than a garden shed. Marc saw the need to be able to supply skilled and qualified workers at short notice to the growing construction sector in Melbourne.

MC Labour Services started with only a handful of workers on the database and minimal resources. It is said that the entire candidate database was written in a single notebook.

“It wasn’t easy back in the day, Marc and I did it all. I often found myself juggling reception, operations and payroll all with a baby on my hip, we didn’t do it for fame or money, we just needed to make sure we made enough to get by” says Cath Lunedei

“I was asked by a client for a painter, I told him I will have someone there straight away. I hung up the phone, grabbed a paintbrush and headed over.  Back then the client never knew the man they spoke to on the phone would be the labourer I sent out” says Marc Lunedei

When asked what drives Marc and Cath and motivates them to keep going, the answer remains the same.

“money is a tool, a means to make a difference in a world and to give back where we can. We are fortunate to be in a position where we can help the community and giving back to those who need it. If what we do can help a single person, we have done what we have set out to achieve. This is what motivates us every day” says Cath Lunedei

MC Labour Services has been involved in many sponsorships, charities and community efforts including but not limited to:

  • St Albans Football Club
  • Strathmore FC
  • Neil Sachse Spinal Charity
  • Melton FC
  • Box Hill Hawks
  • Dunnolly FC
  • North Brunswick JFC
  • Moonee Ponds Bowling Club
  • Craigiburn Eagles FC

Since its establishment MC Labour boasts a database over 20,000 workers, 50 office staff and has expanded its services to Traffic Management, Security Services and Height Safety in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

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