Workforce raises $7k for Bushfires

Recently, in light of the devastating bushfires that have been affecting our country, a message was sent out to all on-site workers giving them the opportunity to donate the money that they would have been paid for their travel time. In a little over a week, the MC Labour workforce managed to raise $7k to go towards the Wildlife Victoria, CFS, and the NSW Rural Fire Service. 

This money raised will go toward assisting communities affected by the recent devastating bushfires, to helping the dedicated and brave volunteers who have risked their lives protecting families, homes, and land, and to rehabilitating and aiding those animals who have been displaced and injured due to these fires. 

This donation will be added to other MC Labour efforts to assist those affected by the fires. 

Thank you to our #mclabourfamily for digging deep during such a difficult time for our nation.

To donate to Wildlife Victoria, go to

To donate to CFS, go to

To donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service, go to

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