Safe Driving Rules Acknowledgement

Safe Driving Rules

The following conditions are to be met by all employees driving a company vehicle whilst on MC Company business. This includes:

  • Short term loan of company vehicles,
  • Vehicles assigned as part of work requirements, for example Traffic Management utes
  • Vehicles on novated leases as part of employment contracts

Use of Company Vehicles

  • Company vehicles can only be used for business purposes, no personal The exception is for employees with vehicles on a novated lease as part of their employment conditions.

Vehicle Loan Register

  • Must be completed when taking a vehicle for a short-term loan or for a vehicle assigned as part of work requirements
  • Employees must fill in and sign the vehicle loan register before taking the vehicle and when they return them


  • Always drive within the speed limit and comply with all road rules; this includes unenforced areas such as construction sites or where visibility is poor and pedestrian activity is
  • Drive at speeds that are safe for the conditions, recognising that in some circumstances, such as rain or fog this may be below the posted speed

Seatbelts and other Safety Features

  • Wear a seatbelt all times, and ensure that passengers do the same
  • Adjust your headrests so the top of the rest is level with the top of your

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

  • MC requires all employees to comply with the law when Alcohol
    • Labour, Traffic, Rapid Height Safety and Security staff must have a 0% blood alcohol level when driving company vehicles
    • Staff operating plant or equipment, which includes driving must have a 0% blood alcohol level
    • All other employees shall drive with a blood alcohol level below 05%
  • Never drive under the influence of medications or other drugs that are likely to affect your alertness or driving Do not drive if you are unfit to do so.
  • Contact your manager if you are unsure about your fitness to drive
  • No smoking at any time in a company


  • Do not drive when you feel A good night’s sleep is required before any long trip. Avoid driving in hours when you would ordinarily be asleep.
  • If possible, share the driving on long
  • Maximum continuous period of driving is 2 hours, after which there must be a 15 minute rest and stretch
  • Where employees have worked 10 or more hours the maximum distance they can drive after this period is 50 km. Overnight accommodation should be arranged where the travel distance is more than 50 km, where possible this should be organised with your manager

Mobile Phones and Handheld Devices including 2 Way Radios

  • Using a mobile phone/handheld device while driving is prohibited unless:
    • it is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle; or
    • it can be operated by the driver without touching any part of it and is not resting on any part of the driver’s

Loads and Carrying Objects in the Car

  • All loads must be properly secured; employees will be liable for any damage caused to another vehicle or property due to loads becoming
  • Loose objects, such as computers must not be transported on the front or rear passenger seats of Such items must be carried in the boot or behind cargo barriers if fitted.

Reporting of Incidents

  • Employees involved in motor vehicle incidents while on MC business will report the incident immediately to
  • A HIII report (BSM and Vehicle Accident Form (BSM must be completed and submitted to MC as soon as possible.

Driver’s Licence and Fines

  • All employees must:
    • Hold a valid unrestricted driver’s licence and ensure MC has a current copy of
    • Inform their manager as soon as is practicable of any cancellation or restriction of their driver’s licence or of any medical condition that may affect their ability to drive a vehicle in a safe
    • Pay for all tickets and fines associated to the vehicle when they are driving that

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Vehicles must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, all records of services and repairs must be
  • Vehicles must be kept clean, rubbish removed daily, floor mats cleaned, and floor wells kept The vehicle is to be washed as required.
  • Except for company approved signage, no other stickers or signage is to be added to the


  • Ensure the correct fuel is used in the
  • Keep the vehicle as close to full as possible when returning the vehicle
  • Only use the fuel card for authorised purchases, this does not include snacks or meals.
  • Fuel cards can only be changed by the Administration Manager
  • When refuelling inform the console operation of the vehicle’s current kilometres

Completing Weekly Vehicle Checklists

  • Vehicle Safety Checklist logbook (BSM 1.2.1) must be completed each Friday by traffic staff for the vehicle they are driving and emailed to MC
  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist (BSM 1.1.5) to be completed weekly by all other employees driving MC supplied vehicles and saved in the relevant OHS folder, except for those with a novated lease.


Those who fail to comply with these guidelines may face disciplinary action and, in serious cases, termination of their employment or engagement.


MC requires employees to:

  • comply with the MC Safe Driving Rules
  • abide by the appropriate road laws
  • avoid risk-taking when driving
  • be fit to drive a vehicle
  • hold a current and valid licence to drive a motor car
  • always carry your current and valid licence with you whilst driving
  • be aware of the implications of being convicted of drink-driving or other serious traffic offences whilst driving, including the possibility of termination of your